Ordinary conventional land loans are only available to natural persons with stable income. It is a wage income or the justification of a stable and lasting non-wage income.


Eligibility requirementExistence of a partnership agreement between Credit Foncier and the employer of the borrower.
ObjectRealization of a real estate project intended for the personal dwelling
Eligible operationPurchase construction
Purchase construction site + construction
Housing construction
Housing Acquisition
Acquisition of housing + works
Finishing or improvement work
GuaranteesClosed mortgage of first rank on the land title;
In case of a loan for the improvement of the housing of an amount ≤ 8 000 000 FCFA and a maximum duration of 03 years, free deposit of the land title with promise of notarized mortgage;
Life and Disability Insurance on the Borrower;
Fire insurance on the property financed.
Destination of the projectPrincipal residence
Secondary residence (retirement)
Eligible personIndividual
Duration25 to 300 months subject to remaining activity
Interest rate5,031% HT or 6% inclusive of tax
Total delay1 to 18 months
Minimum personal contribution20% of the cost of the project, subject to the borrower’s borrowing capacity
Maximum Loan Amount150 millions FCFA
Modes of reimbursementOVP, Voluntary transfer of remuneration

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