Our benefits

Service Engineering consulting firms

Plan design and Estimate (Technical file)

Thanks to design offices covering the entire country, we are able to assist you in designing your real estate project. Benefits cover architectural plans, descriptive and estimated estimate, schedule. Structure calculation notes, geotechnical studies and design of 3D models of your project.


The set of procedures for obtaining the various administrative documents is most often a problem in itself. Especially for the diaspora. From now on, whether it is the obtaining of the certificate of ownership from the services of the domains, creation of a SCI (Real estate company), the certificate of town planning, building permit or support for the obtaining the land title, our teams in the field are able to offer you such services.


We would like to offer you a certain quiet and peace of mind. Funding revenue for your projects will be CFC. However, our expertise will enable us to implement tailor-made financing solutions for your project.


Topographic survey, demarcation and subdivision of land

Buildings and public works Regulation

Realization of works in buildings. After many years of hard work, we have achieved a truly multidisciplinary team. Our team of civil engineers, Public Works technicians, Architects and state-of-the-art tools will work hard to offer you what you have imagined. Our methodology and approach to global satisfaction now ranks us among the major players in this field.


Thanks to our technical and financial partners, we ensure the quality of the work and the diligence in the execution of the construction project.