The classical land loan for young people is for any person aged up to 35 years and who has a minimum of two years of continuous service with the same employer.


Eligibility requirementApplicants must be at least 35 years of age and must have at least two years of continuous service with the same employer, or, if they are unable to do so, have a letter of confirmation in their employment. The project must be for the principal residence.
Eligible operation Housing construction
Housing Acquisition
Acquisition of housing + Works
Purchase construction
Purchase construction site + construction
Guarantees Closed 1st rank hypothec on the parceled land title relating to the parcel to be acquired;
Life and Disability Insurance on the Borrower;
Fire insurance on the property financed.
Destination of the projectPrincipal residence
Eligible person Individual
Duration 25 to 360 months subject to remaining activity
Interest rateSalary ≤ FCFA 300,000 / month = 3,145% HT, or 3, 75% inclusive of tax
Salary ≥ FCFA 300,000 / month = 3,354% excluding VAT, or 4% inclusive of tax
Total delay1 to 24 months
Minimum personal contributionUp to 0% subject to borrower’s borrowing capacity
Maximum Loan Amount50 millions FCFA
Modes of reimbursementOVP, Voluntary transfer of remuneration

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