The land rental loan is intended for both individual and legal persons.


Eligibility requirementAvailability of registered land
Construction cost / m²
Eligible operationHousing for rental
GuaranteesClosed 1st rank mortgage on land title
Life and Disability for 60 months on the Borrower or the Manager
Multiple housing on the property financed over the life of the loan
All Risks Site
Tripartite signature of the lease agreement (CFC / Clients / Tenants)
Pledging of rents to CFC
Destination of the projectLocation
Eligible personIndividual
Legal entities
Public or private undertakings promoting rental buildings intended for the dwelling of their personnel
DurationIndividual: 300 months (25 years)
Legal entities: 360 months (30 years)
Interest rate4,193 % HT or 5 % inclusive of tax
Total delay1 to 36 months
Minimum personal contributionIndividuals / family SCI: minimum 20% of the cost of the project, subject to its financial equilibrium
Legal persons: 25% minimum of the construction cost subject to the financial balance of the project
Maximum Loan AmountIndividuals / family SCI: 125 million FCFA
Legal entities: 250 million FCFA
Sources of reimbursementProject Rents
Modes of reimbursementDomicile of rents in the account of operation
OVP in the transaction account

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