The mortgage loan applies to real estate programs either for development of land to be developed for sale or for the construction of housing for sale in the future state of completion.


Eligibility requirementIndividual or legal entities with an authorization to practice the profession of real estate developer
Eligible operation Development of land for sale
Construction of houses for sale
Guarantees Closed 1st rank mortgage on land title
Multiple accommodation;
All Risks Site;
Civil Liability of the Head of Company to guarantee the execution of the works for the benefit of the purchasers;
Destination of the projectPlots of land or buildings intended for sale
Eligible person Public or private real estate developer with a license to the profession
Duration 48 months
Interest rate5,870% HT or 7% inclusive of tax
Total delay1 to 36 months
Minimum personal contribution Ground plan of the program
Preliminary expenses
Maximum loan amount500 millions FCFA
Sources of reimbursementMarketing revenue in the transaction account
Modes of reimbursementOVP

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