The traditional purchaser loan concerns any investment made in the context of a public or private real estate program. It is aimed particularly at purchasers of products, real estate developers having signed a financing or partnership agreement with the CFC.


Eligibility requirementInvestment made in the framework of a public or private real estate program
Eligible operationAcquisition of land
Acquisition of housing (built or in a future state of completion)
Acquisition of housing + Finishing work
GuaranteesClosed 1st rank hypothec on the parceled land title relating to the parcel to be acquired;
Life and Disability Insurance on the Borrower;
Fire insurance on the property financed.
Destination of the projectPrincipal residence
Secondary residence (retirement)
Eligible personIndividual
Duration25 to 300 months subject to remaining activity
Interest rate5,031% HT or 6% inclusive of tax
Total delay1 to 24 months
Minimum personal contribution10% of project cost subject to borrower’s borrowing capacity
Maximum Loan Amount150 millions FCFA
Modes of reimbursementOVP, Voluntary transfer of remuneration

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